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These Are The Days I Love

These Are The Days I Love
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These are the days that I love. Sounds a bit ironic, living in Ohio during the winter, doesn’t it? Oh, yeah! It’s winter in Ohio. Generally, that means snow. However, this past weekend I couldn’t help but feel blessed because we had a day that felt like it was crafted just for me.

Winter means snow in most parts of the world that are many hundreds of miles from the equator. So far this winter, we’ve had a couple days that a lot of snow dropped. Then it happened. It was nice warm 64ºF outside, very little to no wind at all, overcast with the sun shining brightly through it, and it was just what I needed. That is the kind of day I truly love.

You may be asking the question of why, so I’ll answer it. To me, it’s a day where you don’t need a coat, or even really a jacket. Maybe a long sleeve t-shirt will do. It’s that time of year when the snow isn’t there, kind of like Fall or maybe late spring without the blooming yet. It’s the kind of day where the taphophile in you almost comes roaring out.

The green isn’t growing. The brush and trees are all bare. The weeds are sleeping. Most animals are hibernating. It’s comfortable weather. It’s not muddy either because the ground isn’t frozen nor is it wet from the melting snow.

This is the kind of day I love because this is the kind of day when you can go cemetery hunting with a great deal of success. One of my greatest finds was on a day like this and I just happened to be driving down the right road, at the right time of day, looking in the right direction, through the leafless trees to see the small cemetery on the backside of a hill at the end of a field where my real third great-grandmother was laid to rest in 1854.

Days like this not only bring that sense of adventure, but a promise of success to those who seek diligently the desires of their heart. If you’re a taphophile or even a genealogist like myself, such a thing as finding that “lost tombstone” or even an overgrown graveyard has now become possible.

When Spring arrives and the sleeping parts of Nature begin waking up and growing once more, such adventures as cemetery hunting become increasingly more difficult. Other priorities begin to take over with the warmer weather. Getting pictures on the right days, managing your time between the court house, county offices, libraries, and visiting grave yards all before the sun goes down in a single day.

But for myself, I look forward to these kind days. Now if I could just get the weather to cooperate with my travel plans, I’ll be set.

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