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LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month
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Seriously?! This is a disgrace to the genealogical community to even recognize. Heritage is a direct connection to the culture(s) which we have descended from by blood, which only occurs through the perpetual heterosexual families that brings a continuity to the species as a whole. Heritage also brings the traditions which our ancestors passed down to us along with the ethnocentric values to continue those traditions.

A ‘sexual orientation’ like this does not merit a “history month”. Are we now to make a mockery of everything we, as genealogists, hold dear? I say again, this has nothing to do with anthropology, ethnicity, nationalism, culture, or even sociology. Why? It’s a sexual preference. LGBT itself is the antithesis for what genealogy is.

If we dare to even recognize such a thing as valid, are we going to have a “fetish history month” next? Or should we break down those fetishes month by month? Sure, lets have a “BDSM History Month” too. How about a “Missionary Only History Month”? That sounds about as good as having a “Doggy Style History Month”. To be fair shouldn’t we also include a “Fellatio and Cunnilingus History Month”? What about a “Heterosexuality History Month”? What about a “Pork History Month” to celebrate and remember how it is that we came to incorporate pork into our diets? Eating pork was, and still is, suppressed, prosecuted, and penalized even to this day by two major cultural groups.

Since when is a sexual preference even relevant to history? It’s not. Unless you lived in Sodom, where we get the word sodomy from, and Gomorrah. Why was it important to them? It was listed among their sins and reasons for which God destroyed their cities entirely. (Genesis 19, the Holy Bible) Outside of this one moment in the entire history of Makind, being LGBT was NEVER important.

I don’t have a problem with “Black history month” (its funny how they don’t even call it “African history month” because in truth, many of them are not even from Africa) or “Hispanic history month” but why don’t we have “European history month” or “Russian history month” or “Scottish history month” or even “English history month”? How come I never hear about a “Native American history month”? There are millions more people of European descent in this country than there are of Black and Hispanic combined, yet most of them couldn’t even tell you when America was founded, let alone who or why the guy on the $1 is important.

Yes, I read the blog. No, I do not agree with him for the reasons I already stated. Yes, I know my modern and ancient history in regards sexual preferences too.


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  1. Errin Wilker

    I agree wholeheartedly!!! Thank-you for putting into words how I felt when I saw the post on the National Genealogical Society’s Facebook page. That post almost made me “unlike” their page. Call me small-minded, behind-on-the-times, judgmental, hateful, ignorant or what have you, but as a Christian, I cannot and WILL NOT back down from what I believe. (And for the record, I’m not small-minded, behind-on-the-times, judgmental, hateful, ignorant. If the LGBT community can openly stand up for what they believe in, so can I!)

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