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The Evolution Double Standard

The Evolution Double Standard
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A South Dakota Senate Bill 112 has been introduced that would encourage teachers in that State to teach Intelligent Design and other related topics in science classes. Evolution would no longer be taught exclusively.

Tax Payer Supported Evolution
Public schools are funded with public money obtained from taxes. Those funds are used to purchase textbooks, pay salaries, and to teach children only one method of ‘why we are here’ through the Theory of Evolution. For many Christian parents who have taken issue with how and what the public education system is teaching, a report by Education News found that home schooling was out pacing public school registrations.

Evolution is fraught with serious inconsistencies and many scientists have manipulated data intentionally in an attempt to “prove” macro evolution (the changing of one species to another over millions of years). Scientific fraud is a very real and documented problem. This is the stance many Christians are taking, but this topic is not new. Evolutionists have been adamant that God had nothing to do with this. They claim to be looking for the reason why.

Mathematically, you should have learned in elementary school, that any number divided by or multiplied by zero is going to equal zero, since zero has an understood value of being nothing. Try it on your calculator. The question that Creationist believing Christians are asking is ‘how can you believe that something came from nothing when this is logically and mathematically impossible?’

Religion vs Religion
Atheists are the biggest supporters of Evolution claiming it to be “science” and that Creationism is simply a “religious belief” that shouldn’t be taught to children. Two examples of this are Bill Nye’s statements in 2012 in a YouTube video and 2014 in his debate with Ken Ham. Another one is by Barbara Forrest, PhD who appeared on Larry King Live on August 23, 2005 had this to say about Creationism:

KING: Should it be taught at all?
FORREST: No, not as science. Creationism is a religious issue. If it’s to be taught at all, it should be taught within that context, but it should never be presented to children in a science class in a public school as science, because it isn’t. It’s a religious belief.

Full transcript can be read here.

But isn’t “evolution” a religious belief too?

Wikipedia opened with this about religion:

Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence.

If you accept Wikipedia has having reliable information, then this would automatically constitute the Theory of Evolution as being a religion. Since Christians believe in God and Creationism and this is accepted as a religion called Christianity, then the antithesis of that are Atheists who deny God yet believe Evolution exists and this is called Atheism and should also be treated as a religion.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Science Daily reported in 2008 that many high school biology teachers are including Creationism in their curriculum.  On Independent Lens Blog, a guest post by Zack Kopplin while working with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry (yes, the same person who believes everyone owns your kids and not the parents) found over 300 voucher schools where Creationism was being taught in science class instead of Evolution. They believe this is unconstitutional and should be stopped.

According to Barbara Forrest, religious beliefs should not be presented as science to children in schools.

This is a double standard from Evolutionists and this is unacceptable.

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