2023 Dec 04 Mon

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I have decided to change what Heritage Forensics is. Too often I have seen the core values of what should be the creed and philosophy of every genealogist, hobbyists and career alike, become forgotten or ignored.

We’ve allowed politics to infiltrate our community and have fractured it.

The number of ethics violations, which were alarming in 2009, have become worse over the last 8 years.

Clients have contacted me with great apprehension that I would take their deposit and ‘disappear’. (My guilty conscious would nearly kill me if I did such a thing.) Which tells me there is a losing battle of faith between the client and hire.

Over the years, there have been some smaller communities of a few dozen people form within the whole of the genealogy community (GenComm), but in this billion-dollar industry, there are many, many things which are becoming lost, ignored, and forgotten because someone doesn’t live ‘in the right area’ or spend most of their time self-marketing and not researching. In other words, they’re not working their craft.  While these small communities function great within their own right, they are as a disjointed from each other as a fish is to a tree. Its one of the reasons why I stopped posting on Facebook and only submit links now.

I’ve always watched from ‘the outside’. I work my craft, hone my skills, increase my knowledge, and have always kept and eye on how things are going and see what happens. I don’t like what I see and I know that I feel the same frustrations many of us do. Genealogy is hard enough without us making it harder for each other.

I would like to propose a solution, but I cannot do it alone. I am not ever one to ask for help, but this time I am. In fact, assembling a team of people  to make this possible is cruciel to its success.  This is going to require a team of people who are willing and able. To use a term I learned in college, I am willing to work with anyone who has the energy for this. I am providing the way, but I cannot manage every intricate detail on my own.

With that being said, I am going to redesign the Heritage Forensics website one final time. I am also ceasing all posting until this new design becomes active on or before May 1. If I were to continue posting, I would have to convert everything over to the new design manually, which would create many hours of extra work to do.

If you have the energy to do something positive, then please sign up!

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